We are proud to introduce Nathalie Makoma, the Congolese Dutch singer-songwriter, as Passion for Motherland’s Goodwill Ambassador. She has graciously agreed to help us support homeless street children and youth in Kinshasa, DR Congo.

Nathalie Makoma was the lead singer for the group Makoma and she later embarked on a solo musical career on her own, becoming one of the most famous Congolese artists. She has collaborated with stars like Papa Wemba and her most popular videos have been streamed more than 800,000 times on YouTube.


Nathalie took part in the Dutch Idols singing competition – blowing the judges away with her pure vocals – eventually finishing as runner-up. As part of her prize, she was signed to Sony BMG. She also took part in Dutch Dancing with the Stars coming second (2009), in De Mattheus Masterclass. Despite all her travels and amazing experiences, she has never lost contact with Congo. Nathalie carries a passion for her motherland in her heart, everywhere she goes.

”It is important for all to understand the reasons why children can find themselves on the street”

Natalie has a strong message for those who want to know more about tragedy of children living on the street.

“The majority of children run away from homes to escape danger, neglect or isolation”, she explains. “In the street, children are searching for acceptance and a sense of belonging. They are lost with nowhere else to go. The street, with all its misery and danger, is where most of them find that sense of belonging”

Passion for Motherland’s plan to build shelters will give these street children an escape – a place to belong – a place to call home

”To me, music can be instrumental that heals the broken heart and soul of thousands of vulnerable children found on the street in our society”, says Nathalie. “Music helps because it’s a powerful, natural healer. There are times when no medicine can heal as much as the human voice or beautiful notes from an instrument. Music can be used to communicate, to express pain or joy, but above all it brings relief. Singing or writing songs provide a unique form of expression, a treue expression of your freedom and sense of self. I plan to use my music experience and platform to support future children at Passion for Motherland’s shelters”.

Everyone at Passion For Motherland is grateful for Nathalie’s support – what a great way to kick off 2017!